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Liquid foundation is a type of cosmetic foundation, usually in liquid form that is primarily applied on the face. It frequently comes in a bottle container and can be applied in different ways to match the person. Liquid foundation is considered to be one of the most flexible foundations since it works well on all age groups and various kinds of people. It is classified either as oil-based or water-based and it usually comes in several formulas for various skin types such as sensitive, normal, combination, dry and oil-free. It can be applied using a sponge, a make-up brush, an applicator or even fingers.

Compared to other types of foundation, liquid foundation is easy to apply and to blend. Its coverage can range from light to heavy depending on what kind of base you use and its application. It also does not have a clearly noticeable appearance. It is usually used by women on a daily routine due to these reasons. Most foundations come in yellow-based, orange-based and pink-based formulas. But yellow base is the most popular because it is regarded as a fit to most women. Most make up experts recommend that you apply the foundation from the center of your face going outward.

Choosing the Color
It is very important to get a liquid foundation that complements your skin tone and type.  When you are choosing the color of your liquid foundation, you should test it first on your jawline. You should never test in on your wrist or hands because the neck and the face frequently have a different skin tone from other parts of your body. You will know if a liquid foundation is compatible with your skin tone if it matches well with the color of your jawline.

Guidelines on Applying Liquid Foundation

You need to prepare the skin so you do not cause any damage and you can achieve your desired results. Then, put a thin layer of moisturizer that is compatible to your skin. Apply a little liquid foundation on your ring or middle finger. It is not advisable to use the index finger because it will not give you a precise touch. Putting on the liquid foundation using your fingers will give the widest coverage as well as lessening the depletion of this cosmetic product. The disadvantage of using your fingers though is it might taint the entire bottle of the foundation. You can also use a make-up brush or sponge to apply the foundation on. If you’re using a sponge, make sure it is clean every time you use it. Put the foundation on using a tiny circular action. You should begin with the forehead then continue the motion downwards. Applying foundation is an art and the more your practice, the more you will become better.

Liquid vs. Powder Foundation

Liquid foundation
Most women prefer to use liquid foundation as a base because it is easier and faster to put on. It also appears lighter and more natural when blended into the skin. Thus it gives the skin a smooth and consistent appearance. It also absorbs into the skin rather that resting on top of it, thus giving your skin a more natural appearance. It comes in several types of bases to match women depending on their skin type such as normal, dry, oil, sensitive and combination. Its disadvantage though is, if you apply too much, it may cause spots and streaks that makes your face look heavier than other parts of your skin.

Powder foundation
Powder foundations are less popular than liquid foundation although it can be just as effective. It is also easy to put on and there is less mixing and blending involved. Powder foundation is suitable for people that have extremely oily skin because the powder will saturate the oil, thus preventing an oily look. The disadvantage of using powders, is that if you spend a few hours in the sun or if you apply it too heavily, it may produce a caked appearance. They also have a tendency to rub off on your clothes more easily because the powder rests on top your skin.

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